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Optimized Decision Making: Reality, not Wish (Web Event)


Wednesday, February 26, 2014
30 minutes with Dr. Lorien Pratt

How do you know when decisions are right?

What would it mean to optimize the value of your decisions? What if you could know that every decision will produce the maximum in revenue, or in cost savings, or in customer experience?

What if you could know three of the most important things that any business leader craves to know?

  1. What will be the impact (on revenue, on cost, on customers, on employees, on organizational groups) of a decision I make today, on tomorrow? 
  2. What do I need to do today to create the future outcomes we want?
  3. When should I change my decision to adapt to shifting circumstances, to ensure that I still achieve my outcomes? 

Turns out, you can know these things. And you can find that often-hidden "sweet spot": the set of decisions (and changes in decisions as you navigate a complex world) that, executed correctly, will achieve your outcomes.

We just need to tweak the lens through which you are viewing the decision-making landscape.

Join Dr. Lorien Pratt in this thirty-minute webinar to hear how you can tweak your lens and starting viewing decision-making a little differently. You may not believe how simple it really can be.

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